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K-COM is a web-based electronic workflow solution for PDF documents, which dramatically improves collaboration during vendor print circulation process by providing a powerful markup tool for a large scale engineering job.
It is essential for the EPCs to manage many hundreds and thousands pages documents according to the progress of the project schedule.
K-COM is optimized for hundreds of concurrent users doing large scale, multiple projects in parallel to streamline review, comment, markup and approval during the V/P(vendor print) circulation process.
Various and special requirements from the customers were applied to the development of K-COM and we are convinced that K-COM will dramatically save the time thru paperless workflow during V/P job.
One of our EPC customers has 2,500 K-COM users and 300 concurrent users doing 25 projects in parallel, processing 2,000 PDF documents a day, they are very satisfied with K-COM solution.
We also support the customization service to integrate with the customer’s document management system and hope our customers to try this powerful solution that never experienced.
Supports big size and high resolution PDF documents
Regardless of the file size, even huge file size of PDF documents, it takes same time for end user to open and review. Because all the PDF documents are pre-processed by converting to KCOM format in a batch queue.
Easy to use
Simple use in a web browser without any software installation.
User distinguishable markup per page
All markups by user are distinguishable by different color per page. According to the disciplines, other users can selectively review the markups by On/Off. User who has an authority can consolidate all markups at the final stage.
Rich Functions for markup
List of markup tools including line, arrows, dimension, arcs, chain, clouds, shapes, text with enclosures and stamps and user definable symbols.
Special functions for many hundreds, thousands page documents
According to users handling same document with many pages, they can leave the location pointers with current zoom status for other users with the message. It enables for other users to directly jump to the page at a specified pin location by clicking the location pointer.
Working environment
Server OS
Windows server Platform
Client OS
Windows XP
Windows 7, Windows 8
WEB Browser
Internet Explorer
Chrome etc.

Currently only the demo is available.
The contents will be uploaded soon.
For demo, please click the following link by the user-id(kcom1) and password(kcom1)
You can use 5 user-ids from kcom1 ~ kcom5 for this demo.

KCOM Demo Link
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