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- Materials Tracking
- Eqiupment Tracking
- Personnel Tracking
RFID in Construction
JV Driver Fabricators Inc.

Intelliwave worked closely with JV Driver Fabricators Inc. to integrate SiteSense Module Progressing and Tracking into daily work routines. Instead of using spreadsheets and whiteboards to keep yard layouts and fabrication progress, the module yard used SiteSense to increase productivity. The SiteSense web-based system allowed for complete project visibility between the module yard, the project site and the client.


Downloadable case study will be available soon.


Critical Shipment Tracking
RayPaul Transport

Intelliwave worked closely with RayPaul Transport to help coordinate large complex shipments to reduce time spent organizing pilot vehicles, road permits and utilities. RayPaul Transport used the SiteSense® Shipment Tracking system to track the shipment during its route via barge and truck which allowed RayPaul to get permits setup in advance and reduce the overall travel time of the shipment.


Downloadable case study will be available soon.



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