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Total Project Visibility
SiteSense® equipment tracking keeps the guesswork out of knowing which equipment assets are being utilized and knowing their location on a project site. With SiteSense® tracking products, construction equipment can be tracked with RFID tags utilizing the same RFID reader infrastructure used for materials and personnel or equipment can be tracked with GPS tags if location updates are required outside of an RFID reader network.
Selection of rugged RFID and GPS tracking tags
SiteSense® tracking software is compatible with RFID tags and GPS tags. Select the tag type that best suits your application requirements. RFID tags are a good low cost option for tracking locations of large numbers of equipment while GPS tags are a good option for tracking equipment over multiple project sites where RFID reader infrastructure is not readily available. GPS tracking tags also allow for engine run-time logging to assist in maintenance reporting.
Re-use of RFID reader infrastructure
If your project site is using SiteSense RFID tracking of materials or personnel, the same RFID reader infrastructure can be used to track the location of equipment.
GPS tags provide global locations
SiteSense GPS tags communicate with the GlobalStar satellite network, providing tracking from pole to pole. Unlike GPS tags with cellular communications, there are no blackout areas for GPS tags. GPS tags have internal batteries that last up to 3,000 location messages, which provide new locations for equipment even if the equipment is not operating.
GPS tags provide engine run-time reporting
With an optional run-time cable hooked into the equipment’s ignition, the GPS tags provide an engine hour-meter counter to report equipment usage.
Secure Web-based software
With SSL encrypted web-based software there’s no software to load onto desktop and laptop computers. This helps keeps deployment and support costs low and allows for secure access from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. The software for mobile devices is embedded into the handheld computer, which becomes an invaluable tool for anyone on the project site who needs to find the location of equipment for construction use or periodic maintenance.
Reporting tools
Pivot table reports are available for download from the SiteSense® Website to allow for maximum versatility of reporting on received materials, material positions, coverage reports and more.
Integration applications
SiteSense® data can easily be integrated with other equipment management systems by using one of many integration applications available for SiteSense®.
Rugged enough for the military
SiteSense GPS tags are designed and tested to military standards with intrinsically safe certifications.
Free-up foreman time on project sites
Without the use of tracking tags for equipment, foreman historically spend time the beginning of each shift hunting down construction equipment (welding machines, generators, etc.) for their crews to perform work, especially when multiple shifts are being run and equipment moves around between shifts. With the use of SiteSense tracking, foreman can printout a list of equipment at the beginning of each shift with their exact positions to get them to the work crews, decreasing wait times at the workface.
Reduce mechanic time
For rented and owned equipment, mechanics and foreman typically spend a lot of time searching for equipment requiring periodic maintenance. While equipment is being found, the mechanics are charging time while on the project site, regardless if they are performing maintenance or not. To help make the mechanics most efficient, SiteSense tracking tools can pinpoint the location of equipment requiring maintenance to reduce the mechanics time spent on the project site.
Reduce time spent manually logging engine hours
When using the GPS tag sensor cable hooked into the ignition of the equipment, the GPS device logs the engine run-time. A GPS message can be scheduled to be sent at a user-defined interval (for example once per day) to report on the accumulated engine run-time hours.
Automate maintenance schedules
If the SiteSense GPS tags are setup to record engine hours, service intervals and remaining hours before next service can be reporting in SiteSense with email alerts sent prior to service being required.
Engine Run-time cable
Record engine run-time hours remotely
Downloadable brochure will be available soon.
How do I know if I should use RFID versus GPS tags for tracking equipment?
The answer depends on the quantity of equipment to track, availability of an RFID reader network, run-time hours requirement and budget size. For example if there are typically 500 or more items to track for a single project and if engine run-time hours are not required to record, RFID might be the best solution at the lowest price point. Contact an Intelliwave representative to help determine the tag selection to meet your requirements.
How do I attach the RFID or GPS tag to the different types of equipment?
SiteSense RFID tags can be attached with cable wire, zip ties or wire. GPS tags are attached with a mounting sled. GPS tags must have view of the sky to relay position messages back to the communication satellites.
Can I re-use the RFID and GPS tags?
Yes, after the tag has been decommissioned from a tag assignment it can be re-used multiple times.
How long will the RFID and GPS tag last?
RFID tags: For 2 second beacon rate settings the tag will last for 4 years at room temperature. Intelliwave has tested the life of tags in northern Alberta over many years and 3 to 4 years is a typical life expectancy for cold weather climates. The active RFID tags have battery monitors in them and the SiteSense® battery-life report will let you know when RFID tags need to be replaced with new tags. Batteries cannot be replaced.


GPS tags: GPS tags last for up to 7 years or 3,000 location messages. Battery packs can be replaced by the end users with a special Allen key.

How do you provide accurate GPS positions for RFID tags?
We’d love to tell you the details, but this is company confidential!
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