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Total Project Visibility
SiteSense® personnel tracking helps to keep project sites safe by using active RFID long-range badges to muster workers in a matter of minutes. SiteSense provides integration with access control systems to compare on-site worker lists with muster station attendance. Worker certifications can be stored in SiteSense to provide safety teams with information in the field on mobile devices.
Automated Muster Roll Call
With SiteSense® active RFID badges for personnel, there’s no more head counting or badge swiping into a muster station. Personnel are automatically added to the muster call list as soon as they enter a muster location. Muster call lists are immediately compared with the onsite list to provide a real-time discrepancy report of workers who haven’t been logged into a muster station. Safety personnel can administer muster roll calls directly from tablet devices.
Integration with Access Control Systems
SiteSense® has integration applications to pull swipe card information into the SiteSense onsite report to know which trades are onsite at any point in time. The onsite reports are used to compare muster roll call attendance and site evacuations in SiteSense Mobile software.
Worker Certification Tracking
With SiteSense certification tracking, safety personnel can determine if workers have the proper training certifications to perform work. For example does the worker have current training for aerial work platforms or fall arrest trainings?
Secure Web-based software
With SSL encrypted web-based software there’s no software to load onto desktop and laptop computers. This helps keeps deployment and support costs low and allows for secure access from anywhere there’s an Internet connection.
Reporting tools
Pivot table reports are available for download from the SiteSense® Website to allow for maximum versatility of reporting on received materials, material positions, coverage reports and more.
Muster project sites faster
With active RFID badges worn by every site worker, site wide muster calls take a matter of minutes with real-time discrepancy lists available from tablet devices for safety team members to make sure all workers are accounted for.
Real-time information for trades and specialties onsite
When specialty trades are needed for critical path construction activities, SiteSense onsite reports can tell management which trades are onsite.
Know worker certifications right in the field
To help prevent site accidents with construction equipment or unsafe practices, the safety team can spot check worker certifications right in the field to see /if the worker has current certifications for their tasks at hand.
Downloadable brochure will be available soon.
Can SiteSense tell me the current location of workers onsite?
SiteSense has the ability to track locations of workers with active RFID badges based one the last read point from RFID reader infrastructure (ROVER and fixed RFID reader locations).
Can I use the SiteSense active RFID badge to swipe through a turnstile?
A proximity badge can be added to the active RFID badge for short range scanning at entry and exit locations.
Can HR data be loaded into SiteSense?
Yes, SiteSense has a variety of manual data loading and automated data transfer methods.
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