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Gate reader stations
Fixed reader stations are setup at gate entrances and exits to automatically log when materials and equipment have been shipped or received.
Portable solar powered reader stations
In areas of project sites with high material traffic where a fixed infrastructure of power does not exist, portable solar powered reader stations can be used as the temporary reader network.
Mobile reader stations
To reduce the overall infrastructure cost of an RFID reader network to cover an entire project site, trucks and people can become the reader network. By knowing material location anywhere on the project site, progress can be automated as material moves from vendor sites to laydown and installation areas on a project site.
Remote control cameras
Fabrication yards, shops and project sites can be outfit with remote control cameras to view real-time progress from anywhere in the world with Internet access. Cameras can be used to record progress with automated photos of fabrication and construction.

RFID tags
Intelliwave uses passive and active RFID tags to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions. Tags can withstand high impact hits from metal collisions, tags can operate in extremely cold environments for many years and tags can withstand dust, snow and rain. SiteSense® active RFID tags can be read at distances of 200 meters from fixed and mobile stations.
GPS tags
The Intelliwave SiteSense® GPS tags have been designed and tested to MIL rugged specifications and have been certified for operation in class 1 division 1 environments. GPS tags can last up to 7 years with battery power and can operate anywhere in the world via satellite communication.

Intelliwave uses extremely rugged handheld computers rated to IP67 that are completely sealed from drop of upto dust and rain. The handhelds are encased in rubber bumpers to protect them from 5 feet. Handhelds last up to 10 hours of battery operation before recharging to help workers locate tagged materials and equipment during an entire shift.



Construction progress tied to material location
SiteSense® utilizes material positions to determine progress of construction, starting from fabrication to shipment to installation. Know with confidence the progress of your project based on the location of materials and other construction items.
Communication and collaboration
SiteSense® Tracking can host multiple users at once, multiple projects and multiple vendor sites. It has intuitive navigation, whether looking for tagged materials, progress of construction or downloading reports. SiteSense® is a feature rich system which can meet the needs of the largest projects.
Messaging and alerts
Users can setup messages and alerts to notify them on material movement, weekly reports, progress milestones and more. Alerts and messages can be sent via email or SMS text to one or more users.
Document management
SiteSense® has been designed to be a complete document manager where users can upload turnover packages, site plans, rigging documents and more. The document manager is also a sign-off tool for document and progress steps.
CAD drawing import tools
SiteSense® pulls information from CAD drawings to populate progress tracking reports for pipe spools, steel beams and more. Manual input is a thing of the past with SiteSense®. All data that can be reused is stored and displayed in SiteSense® to increase the return on investment to create the original drawings.
Permissions based site visibility
Users are giving permissions according to their job requirements. For example, report viewing can be limited to managers, turnover documentation uploads limited to QA personnel, access to remote cameras to owners, etc.
Secure logins
SiteSense® uses 128-bit SSL encryption and logs all activity by user.

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